Spectroscopy of the atmospheres

Rafael Escribano and Isabel Tanarro are researchers at the Instituto de Estructura de la Materia of the Spanish Research Council, CSIC. They have many years’ experience in Molecular Spectroscopy and Plasma Physics, focused for the last 15 years in the study of systems of atmospheric and astrophysical relevance. They have published over a hundred contributions in peer-reviewed scientific journals and several book chapters on these subjects. In the course of their career, they have collaborated with outstanding scientists of many European and North American institutions, including of course Spanish universities and research centres, where high-level research in this field is currently being performed. For this book, Drs. Escribano and Tanarro have invited a group of well-known scientists from CSIC, INTA, and the Universities of Bologna, Lille, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid (Complutense and Autónoma) and Castilla- La Mancha to present an ample set of contributions. These comprise...

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